Monday, March 21, 2011

{Textiles} Matrix-esque Ensemble

This is one of several designs I have in my head right now. I have a sketch in progress; it is to come shortly.

-Black trenchcoat, meant to be fitted but vee-necked, and to zip (possibly buckle) between bust and high-hip line. External material will be cotton twill (unless wool is affordable), inner material will be raw silk.
-Black pants, likely tightly fitted. Material undetermined; something of a light, soft, and flexible but strong and decently warm material. Possibly silk, but probably something man-made, if sufficiently breathable...or tightly woven linen, linen/cotton, or cotton, if the right kind is found.
-Black boots. Preferably leather, preferably knee high, preferably lace or buckle or custom made since my legs are annoyingly skinny. Preferably with short (two inch at most) heels, stiletto if I can find them.
-Sunglasses. All Matrix cosplay must have sunglasses.
-Black leather gloves. Preferably soft flexible leather; these are not for winter warmth, although I will not buy leather gloves with no actual purpose. I imagine these would function as riding, driving, or fall gloves in other times of the year.
-Black tightly fitted tank top. Preferably a muscle racerback tank, but a spaghetti strap one will do if that's not found.
-Black knives. Probably a couple 3.5" pocket knives, since longer ones are illegal.
-Cosplay guns and some holsters to go on the hips. I'd actually prefer real ones, but in places like cons real weapons aren't generally permitted. Besides, I don't have a concealed carry, unfortunately.

The look would also go with my hair (temporarily) spray-dyed dark red, and either tied up into a braided bun, or tied into a long braided ponytail. Since my hair has much flyaways (it's thin and thanks to over-dying breaks easily), likely it'll also be slicked back with some kind of gel or mousse. The makeup would be simple but striking. Likely some lipstick and neutrally colored but shadowed/ striking eyeshadow and liner.

I was inspired to make this ensemble thanks to it's relatively low materials cost (compared to my normal designs), for an anime convention that is out here every fall. I am NOT intending to cosplay Trinity; I am taking the general Matrix designs and running with them. Besides, I love wearing black and dark colors, and I don't have enough garments in those colors.

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