Hail, and well met!

My name’s Rachel (or Fireheart, if you wish). I’ll answer to either. Welcome to my evil lair cave artistic corner! ;)

Actually, this is a public affair showcasing current and recent projects and works, in stages anywhere from “in design” to “work in progress” to “complete”. Some of this might be for sale, you never know, so if you like my work-keep an eye out. If it is, the post will say as much, as well as prices, if I’ve gotten the item priced out yet. If you’re interested, comment and I’ll get back to you. But be quick! First comment gets first dibs.

About the journal:

Some of the stuff in here is NSFW. Not much, but some. There’s some bits that include war, and other potentially triggery topics. Should there be need, I’ll use tags for as much. Make sure you look.
I can be quite verbose, and there will likely be a good many pictures. Not all of them will be added to the gallery, and certainly not immediately. I apologize in advance to those with slow connections!


-All work is copyright to me, and is not to be used to any degree for any reason without expressly given permission.
-No flaming. No trolling. No rudeness. Feel free to leave what opinions you will, but be polite. I have a moderation queue and I’m not afraid to use it-please don’t make me.
-I have a bit of a sailor’s mouth. I don’t let it get out of control (in public), but it shows every so often. I’ve no problem with the same language being used-but don’t get excessive.
-Respect my shit, respect me. Pay attention to the information above regarding my personal identity. It’s might evolve, but it wont change, so don’t try to convince me to make it do so.
-Adhere to the website TOS. Period.
-I use a system of Labels (or will, once I figure out how that works on Blogger). Read the Labels page for explanations of them.

About my work:

I work in a variety of mediums, but I tend to stick to a narrower range of style. Many of my renderings tend to be either stylized, or realistic. I do NOT do photo-realism. I can’t brain that kind of detail without just about torching the piece in frustration-that level of stress is not worth the effort. Much of my work is either personally significant, with specific meaning, and/or spiritual in nature. My subject matter is often people, but also often spans animals. I rarely do landscapes or living things without blood running through veins, although I do often use plants and the rest of nature in my work. I have a habit of leaning towards somewhat celtic flavored artwork, and knotwork is commonly found in my pieces.
This, of course, is the pattern-I tend to be quite random, and so other projects are done as the mood strikes me. I like my variety!
Inside you will find work in a rather wide variety of mediums.

Some of them may include (though are not restricted to):

-Sewing, usually of the garment/garb/costuming nature
-Pencil sketches/renderings
-Pen sketches/renderings
-Statue paintings
-Paintings, usually of acrylics
-Charcoal works
-Pastel works, usually soft but sometimes oil
-Silk painting
-Jewelry (of materials almost always spanning stone, metal, horn, bone, shell, wood, or glass)
-Digital Photography
-Digital art, through use of GIMP.
-Food. It’s an art, too!

Future additional mediums planned/hoped for:

-Knitting (No,  no crocheting. I’ll get knitting down first.)
-Herbal arts, including herb mixes and incense
-Hand Embroidery
-Machine Embroidery
-Stained Glass
-Metal work
-Wood carving
-Who knows?

Stuff about me:

 Oh yeah, a bit more detail on the artist might be apt, no?

I’m a solitary cross-cultured polytheistic pagan, spiritualist, and mystic (amongst other things). Depending on the story or the project I post on, there might be influences. Sorry to be blunt-if you can’t hack it, go elsewhere.
Anyone who knows me knows that there’s grains of truth in what I create. It’s up to you to find out where it is, how much is there, and how much I’ve twisted it. Therefore, there will be no fiction, non-fiction, or fantasy tags.

I mentioned that I might list things for sale. I also happen to take commissions, when I have the openings to do so. If you’re interested, contact me for further information. There is a commission information page in the works-once that’s added, that’s also a good source for information.
Be sure to check my links! This isn’t the only artistic corner of the internet I’m in, and there might just be some content in the other pages that you dont find here.

When I’m not being an artist, my time is filled with working (when employed, though currently I’m in the job-hunt). When I’m not working or being artsy, my time is filled with a variety of other things. I have a boyfriend, and he takes up quite a deal of my time-which I’m happy with. I’m an avidly geeky nerd. I adore gaming, including video games, computer games, tabletop RPG’s, and live-action RPG’s (LARP’s). I’m a Rennie-for those unfamiliar with the term, someone who frequents Renaissance and Medieval Faires whenever possible and in as full period dress as possible. I’m a history, lore, mythology, and knowledge fiend (which happens to tie into my addiction to and fascination with Renn-faires). I adore nature, and being in it. Thunderstorms are candy for me, as are walks in the woods (and parks, if I can’t find good woods/forest). I’m dearly fond of horses and love to ride and hang around stables, and I have an uncanny knack for getting along either marvelously well or absolutely horridly with cats. I also happen to adore them. I love movies and books, and I love critiquing them. In the case of movies, I have a habit of sinking into a mode of commentary similar to MST3K, which I thoroughly enjoy (even if my company does not always share the sentiment). I love to laugh, I love humor. I also sing, and dance, when I can get away with it.

If you still  think I might be interesting or shiny, feel free to follow, or to link to my page! I always like new people.