Monday, March 21, 2011

{Textiles} Chain Dancing set

Sketch to come.


Already finished:

-Basic stage of black dancing bra, with straps and edge decoration of aluminum chain. The edge decoration has sterling tassels attached.
-Basic split-side black harem pants.
-Pre-made and purchased dark blue dancing scarf with silver-toned coins
-Black leather lace up roman-esque sandals (which have proven quite handy for dancing).

Adjustments desired:

-Replace the blue dancing scarf with a black belt made myself. It will have four rows of the same trim that is on the edge of the bra (six, if I can eventually get another set of chain tassels and aluminum chain to add to the bottom and top rows).
-Add a partial skirt, either of drapes or of some simple panels, to the belt. This belt will be worn over the harem pants. The panels should have some embroidery on it, likely focused at the tops and bottoms of the panels. There should also be drapes and hanging lengths of aluminum chain (both silver-tone and black coated) attached to the bottom of the belt.
-Sew a cropped keyhole vest to go over the dancing bra. The keyhole is so that the bra will be visible underneath it. It should have chain trim along the edges and sewn in some simple wide designs over the bulk of the back and the portion in front under the bust, and perhaps some silver embroidery in between.
-Add some silver embroidery to the dancing bra.
-Add three silver buttons and button loops to the edges of the harem pants, so they can be closed in colder areas.
-A long veil of chiffon that can be attached to the hair should be roll-hemmed in silver thread, or should have some black and/or silver fringe added to the edge. There should be a hook for it to attach to silver rings, one on each hand, and it should be long enough that it drapes decently deeply. It should likely also be semi-circular in shape, thanks to the way in which it is being worn, although I'd prefer rectangular. A decently large black or dark blue or dark red silk flower should be worn in the hair over the veil. I do not intend to completely cover my hair, I intend for the veil to be pinned to the hair at about the crown of my head. There should be a similarly decorated chiffon veil worn over the face.

The makeup should be shadowed eyes with somewhat dramatic eyeliner, perhaps some dark red lipstick (if I can find some that won't end up stuck to my damn teeth), and likely foundation (although I hate the shit). My hair should be braided up into a knot set not at the base of my neck but at the back of my head. Pointy ears couldn't hurt-everyone loves an elf, especially at conventions. I would very much prefer to have some stage makeup to blend them in with, however. The skin tones don't match.

Also, not all of these adjustments can be made in time for the convention. If I manage to get the belt with the undecorated panels on it, and the flower for my hair (quite possibly with ribbons or yarn attached, thus turning it into a hairfall) done, I will consider it quite the success for this year. I have one other sewing project and several other projects of other mediums planned, and it's been a difficult year, so I will be busy and with minimal energy.

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